In2Care¬ģ Mosquito System

The most advanced mosquito system TruX provides. Instead of deterring mosquitos from landing on your property, this targets them at the source. It uses the mosquito to spread the treatment and keep your yard mosquito free!

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The In2Care Mosquito Station is made for Professionals

The In2Care Mosquito Stations are not available as retail product as they are designed and registered for professional use. The In2Care Station is the new Industry Standard for Green Mosquito Control installed and managed by TruX.

How it works

Protect your environment with the In2Care Mosquito System

Effectively controls the mosquito that transmits Zika

Does not target plants or beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies

Gives 24 Hour Protection

Safe for Children and Pets

No Harsh Chemicals!

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In2Care Mosquito Station

The industries standard for green control of container breeding mosquitoes that may transmit Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Zika virus, and West Nile Virus.

  • Kills (even insecticide-resistant)¬†Aedes¬†and¬†Culex¬†mosquitoes
  • Kills mosquito larvae and pupae (inside Station & in surroundings)
  • Reduces the risk of¬†mosquito-borne¬†virus transmission
  • Field validated & published results
  • Uses safe ingredients and is environmentally friendly