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SPIDERS taken over your HOME?

We can get rid of those troublesome spiders!

Spider prevention and control

Are you wondering how you have so many spiders? Did you know our Raleigh / Clayton area has about 39 common spider species? It’s no wonder the webs collect quickly on our homes.

Our team is ready to help you take control of your spider problem. TruX, the Clayton areas leading spider control company, will come up with a strategy to solve your pest problem. We are equipped with powerful but eco-friendly products to get you the best results safely.


We noticed a difference after the Trux treatment immediately. We can finally grill outside without getting bit up!

– Kathy H.

Would highly recommend! They do what they say and on time!

– James B.

I am happy we called Greenx. It was worth it getting rid of the mosquitoes. Now the fam can enjoy the yard again.

– Barry W.

What Attracts spiders?

There are a number of things that attract these spiders to your home.


Spiders come into our homes due to the weather meaning if it is too hot or cold. They are also searching for dark secluded areas to hide or nest.

Food Sources

Spiders feed on other insects. You have probably noticed how over night, webs will appear near or around outdoor lights like flood lights, holiday lights, font or back porch lights. If you have an excessive amount of webs, you may have other pest problems.


You may see higher amounts of spider because male spider are looking for mates. If they sense females are in or around your home, they are sure to find them.

Signs of a spider infestion

Have you seen spiders at home and wonder if you have an infestation? Here are some things to look for to schedule spider control service.

Spider Egg Sacs: Tiny white egg sacks in webs in your garage, crawl space, or attic are an indication that spiders have found a home and are reproducing. A tiny egg sac can contain hundreds of spiders.

Increase of Insects:  If you have an increase of insects around your home you will have more spiders. More food, more spiders. You may notice spiders increase in number especially summer months when beetles, months, mosquitos, and all other bugs are more prolific.

Webs: More than the usual amount of webs are a sign you have a spider problem.

How can I get rid of spiders?

If you are looking for pest control in the Clayton area, turn to the local and experienced pest professionals at TruX Pest Control. We offer home owners the benefits of comprehensive pest control, superior customer service, and the peace of mind with our guaranteed services. Our eco-friendly solutions solve current pest problems and keep them under control so you can enjoy your entire home.