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Combining Science, Nature, and Technology for a Pest-Free Environment

By choosing natural and non-toxic alternatives, individuals can safeguard their homes and surroundings without compromising the health of ecosystems, wildlife, or their own well-being.

Organic pest control that is safe for kids and pets
Pest control that is safe for dogs
Pest control that is safe for the family

What are the active ingredients in eco-friendly pest control?

The products we use are formulated with naturally derived plant-based active ingredients – including rosemary oil, peppermint oil, geraniol, clove oil, and thyme oil. Botanically based insecticides have been used for centuries to control and repel pests. The natural chemical compounds of specific plants contain qualities that provide knockdown and repellency against a wide range of pests without posing an environmental threat.

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Eco-friendly Pest Control

At TruX Pest Control, we believe in creating a balance between effective pest control and preserving our environment. Our eco-friendly products and solutions are designed to effectively manage pests while minimizing harm to the ecosystem. We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a science-based approach that combines a variety of techniques for long-term pest management. IPM focuses on pest prevention and uses pesticides only when necessary. This approach is not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Our team of trained professionals is committed to providing you with safe, efficient, and hassle-free pest control services. We offer comprehensive inspections to identify pest activity and potential risk areas, and we customize our treatment plans to ensure long-term protection against pest damage.

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