Do I Need Pest Control Year-Round In Clayton, NC?

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Pests do not take a vacation during winter from your home. Regular pest control in Clayton, NC, is most important during the times of the year you do not see them around.

Pests and Your Home

A pest’s instinct is survival. They will do whatever it takes to find a place to overwinter and live on to reproduce.

Termites, ants, and roaches seek the warmth and protection of indoor conditions. Wasps, hornets, and spiders seek out dry attics during the winter months. Rodents and other mammal pests are especially attracted to warm insulation, and other bedding material inside the structure of your home, which includes crawl spaces.

Sadly, these pests can damage your property and pose many serious health risks to your family year-round. Most pests are mere nuisances, but many types are far more dangerous.

Rodents and other disease-transmitting pests look for warm, safe places to hibernate. Even in freezing weather, these pests still harbor pathogens, mites, fleas, and other hazards. It’s not just during Spring & Summer that you need to protect your family and pets.

Preventive Pest Control In Clayton, NC

The key to effective pest control and management is prevention. The cooler months provide an excellent opportunity for attic treatments and more extensive inspections for the best preventative techniques available for your property.

The colder months are the ideal time to exterminate these pests while they are less active. Also, safe and effective pesticides are typically more effective in colder weather as there are less daylight and heat that can degrade their use.

When vegetation is dormant, locating and sealing cracks and points of entry for pests is more effective and easier to spot. Vents and other openings are easier to inspect for leaks or weaknesses. And always will check for damp areas pests can’t resist.

Take Care Of Pests Every Season

With each season comes its pests. With a pest control treatment plan, you can have a pest-free home all year long because each season has its busy pests.

  1. Spring: ants, mosquitoes, termites, spiders, flies, bees, wasps, roaches
  2. Summer: spiders, cockroaches, flies, wasps, ants, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, crickets, snails, beetles, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, bees
  3. Fall: fleas, rodents, cockroaches, stinkbugs, spiders, wasps, termites
  4. Winter: rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites
Keep your family safe and healthy with year-round pest control by TruX Pest Control of Clayton NC

Live Pest Free With TruX of Clayton, NC

Instead of scheduling an emergency appointment, you can have service done each season worry-free. Our inspections help us pinpoint what your home and property need each season.

Regular and professional maintenance with TruX Pest Control will keep those pests moving on and away from your property. Preventing pest infestations is always preferable to waiting to get rid of them once they have made your home their home.

For year-round protection, get started by calling or going online to schedule your FREE pest inspection today!

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