Have Fire Ants in Your Yard Ruined A Nice Summer Day?

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If you are from the Clayton, NC area, at some point, you might have unintentionally stepped on a fire ant mound without even noticing it. But, too quickly, the painful stings begin, and we do whatever we can to get the swarm of fire ants off us.

We’ll discuss the following questions in this article. What kind of fire ants are in North Carolina? Are fire ants dangerous? Why do they multiply so fast? How can you manage fire ants in your yard?

What Kind Of Fire Ants Live in North Carolina?

There are many species of fire ants throughout the United States. The NC State Extension has identified the red imported Solenopsis invicta as the type of fire ant that continues to spread throughout North Carolina. 

This red fire ant was inadvertently introduced into the southern United States almost a century ago due to the global trading and travel system. They are proficient stowaways that hide in cargo, grass sod, nursery containers, mulch, and soil.

Are Fire Ants Dangerous?

An Economic Impact of Imported Fire Ants in the United States of America explains that the economic impact of fire ant infestations is enormous, with current estimated costs of control, medical treatment, and damage to property in the United States alone greater than $6 billion annually.

Why Do They Multiply So Fast?

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Due in part to favorable climate conditions that aid their natural spread, they have become abundant and invasive in North Carolina. According to Science.org, “models of future range expansion based primarily on historical temperature and precipitation data show the potential for this red fire ant to become established over almost half of the terrestrial land masses.”

How Can You Manage Fire Ants In Your Yard?

Managing red fire ants is not a one-time treatment. Because of the habitat of these ants, it is vital to have the right equipment and training to remove fire ants from your yard.

Professional ant exterminators can identify nests and apply the correct treatment for a long-term solution. If you need help with fire ants in your yard and around your home, call the professionals at TruX Pest Control. Our company is locally owned and operated, and we are well-trained in the most effective methods for controlling Fire Ant invasions throughout the year.

TruX Pest Control uses environmentally friendly treatments. For a FREE pest inspection for a red fire ant infestation or management, fill out our form or call us today.




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