More Is Included in Pest Control by TruX

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To effectively manage pests, it’s crucial to ensure that all necessary measures are taken both in and out of your home. TruX Pest Control offers the most effective barriers to eliminating existing bug infestations while preventing new pests from entering. With TruX Pet Control of Clayton, more is included.


What Bugs Does TruX Treat?

TruX treats both crawling and flying pests. In the Clayton, Garner, and Wendell areas, we deal with many types that flourish during different times of the year. So for each quarter, we treat the pests that our area of North Carolina has.

During all four seasons, we have treatment solutions for a variety of pests. These include crawling bugs like fire ants, termites, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, pill bugs, centipedes, bed bugs, and more. We also treat a variety of flying insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, bees, and wasps. 

Finally, whether you have mice, rats, or other rodents, they are all very destructive in and around your home. Unlike many bugs, rodents are year-round pests. So it’s only appropriate we include treatment for these unsanitary rodents in our quarterly routine service.


Which Areas Will TruX Treat?

During each visit, our trained TEAM thoroughly inspects the areas that attract and harbor common pests. 

TruX initial Interior service visit:

  • We thoroughly inspect the entire property before treatment.
  • We treat all crack & crevice areas around windows and exterior doors.
  • We inspect and treat around all appliances.
  • We remove spider webs within reach in all corners of the home.
  • We inspect and treat the food pantry and storage closets as necessary for pests.
  • We inspect for rodent activity and treat as necessary.

TruX initial Exterior service, including every quarterly service visit:

  • We treat a 5′ perimeter of the home with a residual insecticide.
  • We treat a 5′ perimeter of any detached garage or yard shed with a residual insecticide.
  • We treat all eaves, soffits, weep holes, and around all doors and windows.
  • We de-web and sweep all spider webs on the home, garage, shed and play structures
  • We treat and remove all wasps’ nests on the home, garage, shed, and play structures.
  • We inspect for signs of rodent activity and possible entry points into the home.
  • We inspect and treat the turf, flower beds, and natural areas for fire ants.

Pest control near me

How Do I Get The Best Local Pest Control?

TruX Pest Control and its team of experts have spent 20+ years perfecting responsible pest control processes. Our efficient processes responsibly safeguard your home, family, and the environment throughout the year.

TruX Pest Control uses environmentally friendly treatments. For a FREE pest inspection for a red fire ant infestation or management, fill out our form or call us today.





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